DVD Player Configurations

What are Config Files?

This page contains a list of configuration files for DVD Displayer that allow some software DVD Displayers to be configured with very little effort. They work as such: Lets say you have the DVD Player on your computer "Power DVD" and you would like to use it to play DVD's through. This page allows you to download a configuration file for "Power DVD" (assuming one already exists on this site), and configure DVD Displayer by simply double-clicking the downloaded config file.

If you have configured a software DVD player to work with DVD Displayer, and would like to make your efforts available to the community, simply go to "File" --> "Export..." withing DVD Displayer.  Save the config file, and then  upload it to a post within the DVD Displayer Source Forge Project page (note: the config files are simply XML text files that can be opened in any text editor.  They can then be copied and pasted into the forum).

Config Files:

mPlayer - This is a configuration for the free / open source DVD Player.  It assumes that mPlayer is installed at "c:\Program Files\DVD Displayer\mPlayer\mPlayer.exe"

Power DVD - The not so free Power DVD, assuming it is installed at "C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\powerdvd.exe"

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