What is DVD Displayer?

DVD Displayer is a small utility designed to find, display and launch (play) any DVDs that are on your computer. DVD Displayer is able to find DVDs on any number of hard drives, and any any number of folders. Although DVD Displayer is not a DVD Player, it is bundled with the free mPlayer, so users can user DVD Displayer right out of the box with minimal configuration.

Once DVD's are found, DVD Displayer will display a list of all DVDs found using the containing folder as a title name. Next, DVD information can be entered for each found movie. DVD Displayer can automatically download the movie title, plot information and DVD cover image from the IMDB. DVD Information is then stored, so the next time DVD Displayer is launched DVD information is automatically displayed.

As the last step, DVD Displayer will launch a DVD in any configured software DVD player. DVD Displayer is bundled with the free mPlayer, however theroetically any software DVD player can be configured to from DVD Displayer.

Key Features

  • Find DVDs
  • Retrieve and store DVD info
  • Manage DVDs (open DVD folder, delete DVDs)
  • Lanuch DVDs in DVD players

What DVD Displayer is not...

A software DVD player (although it is bundled with a 3rd party free DVD player)

a HTPC (Home Theater PC) - programs designed to encoperate everything from TV, radio, MP3s, pictures, movies and more.